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We guarantee the highest quality!
We make sure that every product that leaves our factory is 100% satisfactory. This is due to 
the selective choice of raw materials, our extensive production and logistics facilities, as well as
 our trained team of employees. We are able to offer you a whole range of fish, spreads 
and hummus, both under our brands and private labels.
Libra Sea offers:
Wide range of
Packaging adapted
to products and needs
Supply of products to
the largest retail chains
in Poland and Europe
Countries where we sell our products
Product categories
Roasted fish:
Roasted salmon
Roasted mackerel
Smoked fish:
Smoked mackerel
Smoked trout
Smoked herring
Smoked sprat
Smoked redfish
Smoked hake
Smoked halibut
Fish spreads
Trout spread
Mackerel spread
Salmon spread
Classic hummus
Kosher hummus
Flavoured hummus
Hummus with topping